YoMo delivers high quality Emergency First Aid training through partnership with Youth Scotland, the course is called First Aid Ready. This training will equip young people to with the skills to respond to an emergency situation, deal with an unconscious yet breathing casualty, deal with an unconscious and not breathing casualty, deal with major injuries, and casualties with medical conditions.

"First Aid Ready has been co-produced by young people and adults, and piloted over the past 2 years at local, regional and national events, with over 500 young people given First Aid Ready Awareness training and two pilot First Aid Ready Hubs in operation, we are seeing fantastic results and changing attitudes to being First Aid Ready!"

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We offer this FREE training to organisations working with groups of young people between 12 - 25 years old in Glasgow. To complete the full course, it is required to have delivery time of 6 hours. This is to cover all 5 elements of the course plus. 


 The First Aid Ready programme will be delivered by our Peer Educators, and supported by a YoMo member of staff. Your young people will take part in 5 modules:

What is First Aid?
Respond to the needs of an unconcious & breathing casualty
Respond to the needs of an unconscious & not breathing casualty
Casualties with Major Injuries
Casualties with Medical Conditions

The training can be delivered in as a full day training, or in blocks. We find two sessions at three hours long works best however we will be able to accomdate your requests and availabilities. 


If you are interested in this free training please contact our James Fraser on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 0141 773 4796 



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