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YoMo (Young Movers) Youth Achievement Award Night on the 14th September 2010 certificated 100 young people with SQA recognised awards!

Young award winner.

Young award winner.

Youth led first ever award event for Yomo and partners

This youth led event celebrated the first Youth Achievement Awards event for the YoMo consortium of partners working to use Youth Achievement Awards to acknowledge the good work of young people in the East End of Glasgow.

Participating Parners

FARE, GE YouthBank, GERA, John Wheatley Collage, Innerzone, PEEK, Playbusters and Urban Fox supported these 100 young people to achieve these awards.
Young People took part in many activities from Clean Up programme, Fire Reach, Grant Making, Music Classes, organising youth events to Cultural exchanges to Pakistan/Bangladesh to gain their award.

Award Night audience and award winners

Award night audience and award winners.

Young Peoples comment’s

Young Peoples comment’s on the night showed how much these awards meant to them:

“this award could mean the difference in getting a job or an interview”
Young man Urban Fox

“I really enjoyed it, I now feel more confident and I am proud of myself”
Young woman GE YouthBank

Evaluation forms filled in on the night showed that 90% of young people receiving their award want to progress to the next level.

Presentation during the award night.

Presentation during the award night.

Councillors presenting the awards

Thanks to Councillor George Redmond and George Cherrie of Youth Scotland for presenting the awards on the night.
77 young people from across the East End stayed and celebrated their award by enjoy the party/karaoke.

This event was supported and funded by Soapworks Charity Fund and GHA Awards for All, Scotland.

Glasgow Housing Association

Glasgow Housing Association

Awards for All, Scotland