art for communication and wellbeing1There are many mental and social benefits of surrounding ourselves with creativity.

With the increase of social media usage and unrealistic advertising campaigns, we are dealing with more cases of low self-esteem, isolation and mental health issues as young people find themselves unable to express themselves, or potentially to even understand how they are feeling as uncertainty becomes normal.


An Art group for Wellbeing and Communication program aims to explore and promote the following:

art for communication and wellbeing2● To explore the reservations some young people have about creativity, both their own and others.
● To develop an understanding of the benefits of self-expression.
● To encourage a lively and positive space for young people to express their emotions safely.
● To promote emotional literacy and ways to express emotions. Many young people find they are lacking the vocabulary to engage in a conversation with a loved one about their mental health, personal problems etc. Art offers a bridge between people as it can extend past the need for words.
● To help young people use art as a way to reduce stress, to boost confidence and aid the development of personal skills.



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