mental health and wellbeing sessions1The Mental Health and Wellbeing sessions are a series of five sessions each covering a different topic. They have been developed using the Healthy Minds resources. The sessions look to promote awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

The topics covered within the sessions are:

● An introduction to mental health awareness
● Emotional literacy
● Loneliness and isolation
● Sleep
● Resilience

mental health and wellbeing sessions2The aims of the sessions are for young people to:

● Feel more comfortable discussing their own mental health and wellbeing
● Be introduced to a range of topics and how they all relate to mental health and wellbeing
● Equip young people with tools and techniques to be able to deal with their own mental health and wellbeing

The workshops are made up of a variety of different ways of learning. There is a mix of group and solo work including quizzes, discussions, some written activities and games. The sessions look to create a comfortable environment in which young people can explore and learn about what can impact their mental health and how they can become equipped to deal with these challenges.


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