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We are currently working towards our Silver LGBT Charter with LGBT Youth Scotland, as part of this we have created a campaign against prejudice and discrimination of the LGBT community.

Our campaign needs YOUR support and you can get involved by signing up to one of our four calls to action and wearing the badge to spread the message.

Our Pledges:

  1. "If I hear the word gay used negatively, I will challenge" 
  2. "If I see inequality, I will challenge."
  3. "If I feel LGBT rights are breached, I will challenge."
  4. "I will celebrate and support LGBT young people." 

We chose these 4 pledges as we wanted to bring attention to the different ways LGBT people face prejudice and discrimination. Throughout our campaign we discovered many shocking and illuminating statistics, such as, just over a third (35%) of LGBT young people said that they had experienced a hate crime or incident in the past year (LGBT Youth Scotland, 2017).

We chose “If I hear the word gay used negatively, I will challenge” as young people wanted to bring attention to how common phrases used by young people are not okay. We felt the phrase ‘that’s so gay’ used to describe something as negative was used far too often and we want people to pledge to challenge this language if they hear it by informing people that it is offensive.

71% of LBGT young people experienced bullying in school on the grounds of being LGBT (LGBT Youth Scotland, 2017).

We chose “I will celebrate and support LGBT young people” as we as a staff team felt it was important to make young people feel good about themselves. Every young person should feel celebrated and supported and so we wanted to highlight this and encourage everyone to be there for young people and be able to signpost young people to relevant organisations if they need support.

Half (50%) of LGBT young people and 63% of transgender young people experienced suicidal thoughts or behaviours (LGBT Youth Scotland, 2017)

You can get involved by getting in touch with us and pledging to one of our calls to action! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to pledge or would like more information.


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